Sunday, October 31, 2010

some words about last illustration

I saw the old chines cartoon and film and it was very inspiring.
I wanted to create a decorative illustration in the contemporary Chinese
art style with many details, warm colors and aerial forms.

I made a few sketches of the main character at the beginning, trying to
determine the his rebellious nature. After that I made a several
composition sketches. My goal was to do interesting perspective. Of course
I knew that this will be hard for me, but it was my challenge. I've
tried many different angles of view, until found what I like.
I must say, that to draw the trees in such perspective is quite
inconvenient :)

Monkey King is a hero with no doubts , but I can't say that he is good or
bad guy. He seems to me more composite and deep character. He has rather
mutable inconstant earth spirit.
I wanted to show the contrast between the world of beauty Dakinis and more
materialistic Monkey King. I tried to do this with colors and in the
texture of cloth. Dakini is light floating. They have simple dresses with
not many decoration .Dakini are the creatures from non material world they
even don't cast shadows. From the other side - the Monkey King is mocking
dressed in gold and bright ornaments. He love's bright and shiny things.

After I approved the composition I started to paint simple tones. For
painting, I used Photoshop CS5 ,with small amount of simple brushes.
During work I often changed pieces of illustrations and the image flowed
like plasticine. I tried to get much fun from this process.

Hope you like it!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Monkey King

My new illustration
Photoshop CS5
original size 7763x4843px :)